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Run Jump Crawl was established in December 2015 and was the next natural progression from creating and running a successful and popular outdoor training business. Owned and operated by Jason Reardon since 2011

The facility is best known for its group classes, obstacle training and a supportive community.

The facility offers its members over 30 classes a week, including Yoga, Circuit style classes, boxing, stretch and mobility, kids classes, outdoor training and lifting.

Run Jump crawls mission is to help as many people find fitness fun and enjoyable by encouraging its members to participate actively in outdoor activities such as mud runs, obstacle runs, adventure races, running events and social outdoor activities.

Run Jump Crawl caters for all ages and experience levels. Members range from beginner fitness as young as 3 up to ages over 70 and elite fitness levels. Everyone works together in a fun supportive team and everyone holds one another accountable.

The aim for the future is to provide more establishments that are fun, different and creative and help more and more people throughout the country achieve a healthier living standard and improve the life of anyone that steps foot inside Run Jump Crawl


With over 30 classes a week, Personal Training, Outdoor Boot Camps

Ninja and Obstacle course training/ free play

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3-7 O'Riordan Street Alexandria NSW 2015

































Gym:       0450 350 348


Jason R : 0404 008 952


Jason F : 0401 226 871

Monique: 0430 798 780



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  • Lachlan Dansie
    I first met Jason at the tryouts for the Under Armour Worlds Toughest Mudder team in 2014. Since that time I’ve had the pleasure to both train with and compete against him at various races and events. The highlight would have to be the True Grit 24 hour Aussie titles, where we have had some great battles over the years, and Jason has really proven his physical strength and endurance, and mental toughness. He is definitely someone that doesn’t just talk the talk, but lives it everyday. I had the opportunity to train at the Run Jump Crawl facility in Kogarah, and cant wait to train at the new facility at Green Square. Knowledgable and motivated trainers, a wide variety of classes and challenging workouts, and a great facility with equipment and obstacles that will test your strength, agility, and general fitness in entirely new ways. In a short time they’ve managed to build a great community spirit and camaraderie at the gym, and I highly recommend that you check them out. Lachlan Dansie Multiple Spartan Race winner 2017 True Grit 24 hour winner 2017 Mens Fitness Fit Bloke Challenge winner 2017 Australian Ninja Warrior competitor
  • Michael Crossley
     “I’ve competed with Jase and followed his advice on many occasions and you soon realise that this bloke oozes dedication, passion and talent. He wants you to succeed and will help you every step of the way. If you ever had a goal or a dream and need some direction, get in touch with him right away."
  • Peter Dimatteo
    Q. Why you become part of run jump crawl? A. I became part of run jump crawl because of the training style first and meet new people Q. What were some of your fears? A. Not being able to reach my goals Q. Did you achieve your goals? A. Yes and more Q. Have you done an event and what was it? A. Yes I have done about 8 events since starting and event I would have never thought of doing Q. What was your favorite thing? A. Meeting same great people and now friends and 24hr events Q. Your biggest achievement and did you achieve your goal? A. Participated in my first 24hr obstacle event ”24hrEnduro” yes 5 laps and my first marathon at “relay4life” Q. Why would you recommend RJC to others? A. Great people that are motivating when training and always fun.
  • An Tran
     Q. Why you become part of run jump crawl A. I joined Run Jump Crawl because I wanted to improve my health in a fun way. I like how RJC focus on obstacle courses; are Constantly keeping us on our toes and have boot camp. Something I didn’t expect was how social RJC was and how helpful the two Jason’s and Monique are. Q. What were some of your fears? A. I was afraid I wouldn’t be fit enough for the classes but the instructors were mindful of everyone’s fitness level and modified the exercises to suit each person while also pushing us to go further. Q. Did you achieve your goals? A. Not yet. As I improve and reach one goal, another goal takes its place. Anyway, if I did, I wouldn’t be at RJC! Q. Have you done an event and what was it? A. I did the 4 day/3 night Inca Trail and RJC got me fit enough to the point where all I needed to worry about was the altitude! Q. What was your favourite thing? A. My favourite thing is being able to exercise outside in a supportive environment. Q. your biggest achievement and did you achieve your goal A. My biggest achievement was easily completing the Inca Trail (except for the altitude :p) Q. Why would you recommend RJC to others? A. I would recommend RJC because of their fun and social approach to fitness. I would recommend RJC to people who wanted a challenge outside the traditional gym.
  • Lisa Chen
     Q. Why you become part of run jump crawl A. I joined RJC to try something different. Was at a different type of gym for over 10 years and needed a change. Q. What were some of your fears? A. When I joined I was worried that I would not be able to cope with the class demand due to fitness level. I was not used to the different training approaches at RJC. At RJC, it is far more personalised than what I was used to so found it really challenged my fitness level which was what I was looking for. Q. Did you achieve your goals? A. I think I have partially achieved my goal which was becoming stronger and after a year of RJC, my strength has definitely improved. Q. Have you done an event and what was it? A. No events yet. Q. What was your favourite thing? A. Favourite part is the challenge of the obstacles like warp wall etc which most other gyms don't have. Also like the personalised attention from trainers and how they push you to work harder. Q. Why would you recommend RJC to others? A. Definitely recommend for the following reasons: A) variety of classes B) equipment, obstacles that most gyms don't have C) personalised small group training D) very reasonable fees E) classes are short which means you don't need to spend 1-2 hours in the evening to get the same, if not more effective workout.

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